Dad jokes are those cheesy riddles and puns that make us laugh, cringe, or both. They’re the lowest form of comedy and are usually so obvious that they become funny by their very nature. What makes them unique is that they’re aimed at parents or father figures, and if told correctly, they can make your students laugh hard.

When a regular joke becomes a dad joke, it usually involves a lame pun or play on words, and the punch line is about a parent. Often, the jokes are meant to embarrass children (as in Ricky Gervais’ show The Office) and are funny because of their childishness.

It’s no wonder that they’re a popular type of humor because they can make adults laugh, too. In fact, laughing has a number of health benefits. It decreases stress hormones, increases infection-fighting antibodies, and helps our hearts function better by reducing blood pressure. It also releases endorphins, which makes us feel good and reduces pain temporarily.

So, if you’re a dad or father figure, go ahead and tell that bad dad joke. You may not realize it, but you’re actually doing your kids a favor. Even though your kids might groan and roll their eyes, they’ll thank you later for making them laugh. bad dad jokes

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