Buy Zaza Red, which is also called tianeptine, is a stimulant-like drug used legally as an antidepressant in some countries. It’s sold without a prescription in capsule, pill, and liquid forms that people swallow, dissolve into a solution, or inject. Recreational users say it produces opioid-like effects because tianeptine binds to the same brain receptors as heroin and fentanyl. Despite its antidepressant properties, doctors warn that tianeptine can cause withdrawal symptoms in some users.

Tianeptine has an incredibly short half-life, so users take large doses every day to maintain the high they’re accustomed to. Depending on the amount consumed, side effects can include dizziness, irritability, drowsiness, confusion, nausea, stomach pain, and weight loss. The more a user takes, the higher their tolerance and risk of addiction. People can develop an addiction to tianeptine in a few weeks, even after only a few doses.

Because of the drug’s potential for addiction, some states have banned it. Alabama’s ban came after poison centers saw a spike in unexplained, severe withdrawal cases. Some patients ended up in intensive care units. The state’s medical professionals warned that withdrawal from tianeptine can be worse than opioid withdrawal.

The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report notes that people who abuse Tianeptine (ZaZa Red) may experience toxic leukoencephalopathy, which causes a condition that resembles brain damage. This may be caused by the drug’s binding to mu opioid receptors and causing increases in extracellular dopamine concentrations in cerebral tissue.

Although Kristin and Jason had been using Zaza Red to relieve withdrawal symptoms, they still suffered from other addictions. To break free from their dependence on the drug, they needed to address their root causes. A residential detox program that provided support and education away from their daily triggers was the best choice. It could help them learn how to live a life free of addiction and its painful consequences. The best way to detox from drugs like Zaza Red is under the supervision of a trained medical professional at a certified treatment center.

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