The mystical power of gemstones is all around us and when you wear a bracelet with crystals it brings that power to your body where it can really take hold. Gemstones have the ability to heal old wounds, balance chakras and cleanse auras. There is a stone to suit every vibe, from the grounding powers of hematite to the emotional healing properties of rose quartz and the balancing energy of black obsidian. Then there’s the calming beauty of amethyst and the rare vibrations of Carnelian sunrise.

When it comes to choosing a gemstone bracelet set, the key is to listen to your intuition and go with the stones that resonate with you. It’s also a good idea to check that the gemstones have been ethically sourced and aren’t supporting the destruction of our planet or its people.

Multi-gemstone bracelets are the way forward and many of our gemstone sets have been carefully curated to contain one stone for each of the major chakras, so your whole aura can be balanced as you move through life.

Another great thing about gemstone bracelets is that they can be polished to bring a beautiful sheen to the crystals. That makes them a stunning accessory for all occasions. Just make sure that you use a specialist jewelry polish and not an ordinary jewellery cleaner as this will help to keep your bracelets looking their best. This will also protect your gemstones from tarnish and prolong their lifespan. gemstone bracelet sets

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