Socks are important to any baseball or softball uniform. They provide a comfortable fit, help with traction and support the foot, ankle and toes. They are also one of the most visible elements on the field. Custom baseball stirrup socks allow teams to stand out from the competition and display their unique identity.

The baseball stirrup sock is a type of uniform sock that was worn by players in the late 19th century and into the 20th century, mostly in major league baseball, but also by players in minor and amateur leagues. The socks are characterized by a long length and a white color that makes them stand out from other sock colors. The socks were primarily worn as part of the uniform with high cuffed pants, known as knickerbockers.

These socks were born out of necessity in order for our baseball forefathers to add color to their stockings without being injured. Early dyes on stockings could seep into wounds and cause infection. The solution was to wear a white, washable “sanitary sock” underneath the colored socks to protect themselves from injury.

Today, players can choose to play in striped or solid color uniform socks with the comfort and confidence of knowing that they are protected from injury. The baseball stirrup socks offered at Socks Rock have a double-welt top and smooth toe seam, and are made from 100% nylon that is renowned for its aversion to abrasion and strength. They can be washed and dried on a low heat to minimize shrinking. custom stirrup socks

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