Customer service is about helping customers, whether they’re calling to pay a bill, make changes to their account or request a product return. Customer service reps are challenged to meet high expectations and handle difficult calls like never before.

Customers want to solve their own questions first by finding answers online and through digital channels. But when they can’t, they expect a quick and easy solution from your team.

Toll-Free Numbers

As the name suggests, toll free numbers (also known as 1800 numbers) allow customers and potential prospects to reach businesses without paying for long-distance call charges. Calls made to these numbers from landlines are free of charge; however, calls from wireless phones will use airtime minutes unless the customer has an unlimited calling plan.

In addition to making it easy for consumers to contact a business, toll-free numbers are also great for marketing. For example, the 1-800-FLOWERS number has become synonymous with flower delivery services. By including a toll-free number in your advertising, you can give your company the appearance of a larger national organization and encourage consumers to take you seriously as a credible seller.

Most toll-free service providers offer a variety of vanity and prime numbers, and most also offer additional features that can improve customer support and marketing efforts. For example, some companies provide texting to toll-free numbers and others can offer analytics that help businesses measure the effectiveness of their call center.

Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are a great way to promote your business and boost brand awareness. They’re eye-catching and easy to remember. They also incite curiosity and help people understand the type of service that your company offers. They also provide transparency and credibility, especially when used for outbound calling campaigns.

A memorable vanity number can make your business stand out from competitors, driving traffic and sales. 1800-WALGREENS, for example, is a unique and easily recognizable toll-free number that makes it easier for customers to reach the retailer’s customer service team.

To obtain a vanity number, you can sign up with a cloud phone system provider such as RingBoost or MightyCall. These services offer customizable numbers, call recording and advanced sales features like CRM integrations. They also offer toll-free and local numbers in 150+ countries. In addition, they’ll provide you with a number porting process that ensures your numbers remain portable even when you change providers. This feature is critical if you’re relying on your vanity number to grow your business.

International Numbers

International phone numbers are a great way to give your business a local presence worldwide without worrying about expensive long-distance fees. Callers can simply dial the country code and the number (except for a plus sign, which is usually shared with 0 on mobile phones).

One of the best things about international phone numbers is that they are easy to set up, with no setup or monthly fees. You can even choose your own number if you want to make it more unique or relevant to your brand.

Another great thing about international phone numbers is that they can help you improve your customer service by removing language barriers. If a customer from Cambodia speaks Khmer, you can use IVR to greet them in their language and then transfer them to an agent. This can make the customer feel more comfortable and can increase the chances of them calling you again in the future. In addition, using international numbers can also help you centralise your global sales and customer support systems for better insights and analytics.

Long-Distance Numbers

In the past, long distance calls required the assistance of a telephone operator. For example, if you wanted to call your friend in a different town, you would dial Mabel’s number (10-10-xxx) and she would connect you to the central office for that town. The operator then kept track of your calling time and charges.

Now, you can make a long-distance phone call by dialing 8 + the area code (if applicable) + the number. You will then hear a voice prompt asking for your PIN and then the call will be connected.

Some long distance providers have access codes that you can use to take advantage of lower rates or new services. Be sure to read the fine print on coupons or contest-entry forms that require you to give your name or answer “yes” to prompts. Also, ask your local telephone company if it offers free consumer protection features such as a PIC freeze or third-party billing blocking service. Ozark Trail Customer Service

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