We make custom dress socks for professional attires, fashion, brands, gifts, events & promotions. We’ll turn your creative idea into a fully knitted, made to order product. Our fabrication process is a traditional knit that beautifully creates graphic patterns and designs, or you can choose from heat transfer printing for more detailed, vibrant designs. The/Studio will guide you through the process of choosing your design elements based on fabrication and color options.

Socks are an often overlooked fashion item, but they can be a fun way to express your personality or to tie an outfit together. Dress socks, also called trouser socks, are typically worn with work attire or to formal occasions and tend to be dark colors such as black, navy blue, tan and gray, but are now available in more colorful and funkier patterns. They can range in length from ankle and quarter to knee high.

The reason dress socks are typically thinner than other types of hosiery is because they must fit snugly over the foot and up the calf, which requires a more narrow yarn count. Cramming a thicker sock into a tight dress shoe would cause them to slip down and pull off, while too much loose fabric could irritate the skin and lead to blisters.

We offer a wide variety of patterned dress socks, including solids, stripes and diamonds, argyle, and more. We can also add a custom logo, text, or web URL, either embroidered on the calf or on the foot sole. We can even produce your socks with elastic yarn at the calf, to help keep them up without bunching or sliding down your leg.

If you are getting married or planning a special event, we can customize your socks with names, dates, monograms, and other personalized designs that are both fun and thoughtful. These personalized socks will be a keepsake and a reminder of the great time you had on your wedding day or at that special event.

Our fashion dress socks are also available with true graduated compression, which is technology that assists the flow of blood from your feet to your heart, improving circulation and helping reduce pain and inflammation caused by exercise or prolonged sitting, and can even help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during long flights. This is a great option for runners or people who spend a lot of time in their office, on their feet or in the car. customized dress socks

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