Whether your child has just been diagnosed with autism or you’re wondering how to help your adult family member, there are many options for treatment. Often, early intervention is the best approach. It’s also important to do your research before trying any treatment.

Behavioral therapies can be an effective way to treat autism spectrum disorder, including applied behavior analysis (ABA), which uses a systematic approach to teaching children skills. This therapy for autism has been shown to increase children’s academic and language skills, as well as their social skills.

Other behavioral techniques, such as Pivotal Response Training (PRT), may also be helpful in treating autism. This type of training is meant to develop specific skills in the areas of speech, social interaction, and self-care.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is another effective form of talk therapy that can be used to help kids with autism. This therapy helps them learn to identify the thoughts and emotions that lead to negative behaviors.

This type of therapy can help children and adults with autism recognize and reevaluate their thoughts and feelings, which may help them manage their anxiety and other symptoms. This kind of therapy can be very beneficial for people with ASD, as it can help them understand why they behave the way they do and how to change their habits.

The key to success with CBT is making sure the therapist is well-versed in working with individuals with autism. This can be done through continuing education classes and workshops.

Some therapists specialize in working with autism clients and can provide these services in-person or online. This can be an excellent option for families who are not able to access traditional therapists or have trouble affording them.

Animal-assisted therapy is another popular treatment for autism that involves interacting with pets of all kinds, such as dogs and cats. Petting zoos are a good option for this therapy, as are locations that offer horseback riding.

Holistic therapy is an alternative form of therapy that’s also suitable for ASD patients. It can include practices that lower stress, such as yoga or meditation.

Occupational therapy is another type of therapy that can be helpful in treating autism. OT can be provided privately, through a statewide early childhood intervention program or at school.

A therapist can help children with autism develop their fine and gross motor skills. This can include improving handwriting, learning how to play a musical instrument or using the bathroom independently.

There are also some medicines that can be prescribed to people with autism. These can be taken to help reduce or stop some of the most common symptoms of the condition, such as tics or head banging.

The right medicine can be a lifesaver for someone with autism. But it’s important to discuss the use of these medications with your doctor and other medical professionals.

Some of the medications that can be used for people with autism are also effective for co-occurring conditions such as high energy, anxiety, and depression.

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