Many dryer problems call for professional repair, but a few simple solutions can help you save money and keep your appliance running safely. For instance, if your machine doesn’t start, try replacing the thermal fuse. This component, located on the back of your dryer near the exhaust vent, can burn out if it’s too hot or if it’s overheated from a malfunctioning thermostat or clogged vent. A multimeter is the best tool to test a fuse; if it has burned out, replace it with a new one from a local hardware store or online.

If you hear thumping or rumbling noises when your dryer runs, the problem is likely worn drum roller shafts, which are mounted on either side of the rear wall of the machine cavity. This is a relatively inexpensive fix for most dryers, and you can find the replacement parts at a local hardware store or online.

If your dryer smells like burning plastic, turn it off and have a professional check the exhaust duct. Lint accumulation in the duct can lead to overheating and fires. If you can’t afford to replace your dryer, a qualified professional can clean the vent run and inspect for breaks or sagging, which could lead to lint build-up. A new lint filter and regularly scheduled lint-free vent cleaning can also help your appliance last longer, giving you better value for your money. dryer repair

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