An important piece of personal protective equipment, gas masks for sale help protect the wearer from breathing harmful gases and airborne particulates. They consist of a face-covering device with a filter to trap dangerous chemicals and gases in the face and a breathing tube connected to an oxygen tank. They are also sometimes referred to as respirators or masks, and they are commonly worn in the event of a nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) or other catastrophic disaster.

Although there are masks that claim to offer protection against several different hazards, the proper choice of filter is crucial to their effectiveness. Choosing the correct filter can be a difficult task as there is no one-size-fits-all filter that can protect against everything. There are many considerations when selecting the proper filter, including the type of hazard, its concentration, its volatility, and its effect on the human body.

As an example, the NBC-77 SOF CBRN mask used in the military includes a carbon filter to reduce the toxicity of smoke and odours. Adding this filter to the military-grade mask allows for a safer and more comfortable experience in the event of a disaster.

The military-grade mask pictured above features an NBC filter and a potassium iodide tablet, making it the most complete and convenient survival kit on the market. It’s easy to store in your home or vehicle, so you will be prepared in case of a major catastrophe or poor air quality. The NBC-77 SOF CBRN is designed to fit most faces, but be careful when wearing it. To prevent leakage, be sure to place the mask on your head with your fingers gripping the edge of the mask and both thumbs pointing inward and upward UNDER the elastic. Then push the chin well forward and draw the elastics over your head AS FAR AS THEY WILL GO until they are tight.

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