Online coaching is a great way for coaches to grow their business with the scalability and flexibility of being able to coach people remotely. This can be done through a variety of means, such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime or other communication apps, but is usually centered around an online platform that is designed to facilitate these types of coaching sessions.

Unlike face to face or 1-1 personal training, where clients typically meet with their coach on a session basis only, online coaches provide additional support throughout the week via email, text, phone, or even in an exclusive Facebook group that is created for their specific client base. This extra accountability often helps keep clients on track with their nutrition, training and lifestyle habits between training sessions. This is particularly important for clients who travel a lot, or have busy schedules that make it hard to commit to regular in-person training sessions.

In addition to providing a platform to conduct online coaching sessions, many online coaches use their website and other social media channels to promote themselves and generate leads for potential clients. These online marketing tactics are often used in conjunction with more traditional, hands-on marketing methods such as local events, seminars and networking. This ensures that the brand is well-represented and reaches a broad range of potential customers. As the market for online coaching continues to grow, it is vital that coaches focus on delivering a quality service to their clients, and that they are able to effectively manage long-term churn rates in order to sustain their business over time. Online coaching

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