If you want to grow your Instagram following, focusing on organically cultivating a community is key. Active followers are more likely to like and comment on your posts and may even become loyal customers (read how to use a content calendar to increase your Instagram engagement here).

To build a strong following, post consistently, engage with your audience, use quality images and video, and follow trends. Boost your visibility by optimizing your profile and adding hashtags that relate to your business or topic of interest.

Lastly, make sure your bio link is working for you by linking to value-add content or promo codes. Also, make sure you’re using a search-friendly name and a professional photo of yourself.

The best way to know how well your Instagram account is performing is by checking out your analytics regularly. You can do this by selecting the profile icon on any post and tapping “Info.” This will give you an overview of your account’s performance, including total following and average engagement.

If you’re a personal account with only friends and family following you, tracking your follower/following ratio may not be necessary. Most personal accounts are used to connect with family and stay updated on each other’s lives, so they don’t need to worry about their ratio as much as a brand. Nonetheless, you can still use your feed and Stories to highlight your brand and create buzz around new products or events. Instagram followers 

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