When I first heard about Irena Major’s “The Lazy Investor’s Guide to Property Profiling”, needless to say, I thought it is another “How to make money investing in real estate” product targeted at unsuspected newbies without any actionable information!

I became even more suspicious when I read the product sales letter because it makes some pretty big claims such as investing in real estate without buying properties! Will you believe it?

The book consists of a 55 pages step by step guide right from finding real estate investors to looking for bargain properties and conducting real estate record and document search. Besides, there are tons of appendices which include sample bird dog service agreement, attorney letter, property profiler tracking system, realtor letter, investor evaluation letter and etc.

In addition, A Super Bonus of The Lazy Investor’s Guide to Property Profiling Exclusive Training Course will be delivered via email and will help you to stay on top of your real estate business!

The things that I LIKE about this product?

Honestly, I have never seen anything goes into so much step by step, do this then do that detail.

The book can help not just newbies, but more experienced real estate bird dogger and property profiler as well especially those who wants to learn more about finding bargain properties and how to approach investors.

I would say this is truly a step by step real estate bird dog guide for anyone who wants to start real estate bird dogging while earning extra income in their spare time!

Other than learning the 8 sure fire ways to find real estate investors to birddog for and get paid BIG for your information, you can also learn how to locate the 6types of properties that investors are hungry for. As these are the two fundamental steps of real estate bird dogging, once you get the hand of it, you are almost ready to get started your bird dog service!

Oh, yeah, there is another thing that I almost forgot to mention here, Irena Major has included several chapters to teach you how to conduct a thorough real estate record and document search. And she even shows you what are the property information that you need to collect for your investor’s evaluation.

A lot of screen-shots and useful links are also included for easy reference. I believe this is something that you wouldn’t see on some other real estate bird dog ebook.

Is there anything that I DON’T like about this product?

Yes, of course there are one or two things that I think Irena Major can improve on. The Lazy Investor’s Guide to Property Profiling is considered a comprehensive step by step eBook and it is not a “short report”, it would be quite difficult to read the whole book on the screen. So it would be good if she can come out with video tutorials.

Another area is that the book doesn’t cover enough on the skills needed to be a successful real estate bird dog or property profiler.

Overall, I think this is a complete step by step guide and if you are serious of considering real estate bird dogging, you got to get a copy now. Moreover, the book is fairly priced too. the arden

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