There’s a lot of work that goes into running a real estate business and knowing which key performance indicators are worth tracking can help you get the most out of your team. Keeping an eye on essential metrics may seem like micromanagement, but the right system can make it easy to spot trends that inform your strategy.

Number of Calls Made
This is an important metric to keep an eye on because it shows how active your agents are when it comes to prospecting and lead generation. A higher number of calls typically means more active marketing activity, and a lower number of calls may signal inactive or underperforming agents.

Client Feedback Ratings
Another great metric to track is client satisfaction ratings. A great agent is often able to secure repeat business from satisfied clients and can generate significant sales volume from referrals. A rating of 4.5 or higher typically indicates that an agent is doing an excellent job in satisfying their clients.

Appointment to Listing Conversion Rate
Getting properties listed is a key part of any real estate agents success. This metric is an indicator of the percentage of appointments an agent or team makes with potential sellers that result in official listings.

This real estate metric is particularly helpful when it’s tracked over time, since it gives insight into seasonal trends and other market factors. An increase in days on market may indicate that your property isn’t attracting enough attention from buyers, while a decrease can show that your pricing and marketing are working. real estate agents performance tracking

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