Being arrested for a DWI can be a hard and frustrating situation. There are many things that you will have to worry about when this happens. This first thing you should understand is all that is happening during your arrest. The officer will most likely give you some type of sobriety test. This sobriety test will hopefully tell the officer what your approximate BAC level is.

BAC, or your Blood Alcohol Concentration, is the amount of alcohol that is in your system at the time that you have the breathalyzer or blood test done. When the officer arrests you, he will read you your Miranda rights which you need to listen carefully to. If your Miranda rights are not read to you during the time that you are being handcuffed, you need to make your DWI lawyer aware of this fact as soon as you have chosen a lawyer and meet with them.

Once the officers have gotten you to the jail, they will go through the booking process. The booking process includes finger printing and mug shots. The officers at the jail will then keep you in jail until it is time for your jail release hearing, also known as your bail hearing. At your bail hearing, the judge will look at all of your past offenses as well as past arrests and make a decision as to how high or low your bail should be. If you are considered a flight risk, the court will most likely make your bail a much higher amount than if this is your first offense with a clean record. The worse your record or the offense is, the higher the bail is most likely to be.

Once you have been assigned a bail amount, you will have to find some way to get yourself out of jail. If you have the money at home, then you might want to call a friend to come pay your way out. If you don’t have the money at home, you might want to call a bail bondsman to get something worked out so you will have a way out of jail. best criminal lawyer in louisiana

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