Looking for custom baseball socks?

When it comes to baseball teams there is nothing like stepping out onto the field and seeing your team uniforms gleaming with pride. Whether you are playing for a local travel ball program or a top college team, you want to make sure your team shows up in style with a set of embroidered socks that matches the rest of the full uniform.

If you are looking for a high quality, affordable pair of custom athletic socks for your team, Sock Club has just what you need! Our socks are made with a STA-Cool(c) nylon for moisture wicking performance and have an arch support zone that provides extreme comfort. They also have a half-cushion foot that is designed to absorb shock.

You can choose up to 4 colors on each sock based on the style of sock you want. You can even select a stirrup style sample!

We offer a wide variety of colors to help you design your perfect pair of custom baseball socks. Our custom sock builder offers 43 different colors for stirrups and 27 colors for socks to mix and match in any way you see fit!

The team colors are available in 30 different hues. When picking out the colors make sure to refer to your team’s color names and not the colors on your computer monitor because they vary in brightness and color!

Sock Club’s custom stirrup socks are crafted with a STA-Cool(c) Nylon that offers moisture wicking performance and an arch support zone for extreme comfort. The socks also have a half-cushion foam foot that is designed to absorb shock.

Our custom stirrup socks are available in a variety of styles including Custom 2-in-1 Style A that allows for up to 2 colors and a custom striped stirrup sock with up to a 4-color options. The stirrup socks are also available in a 5″ cut or a 7″ or 9″ cut, both of which will allow for some amount of foot color to show through the sock.

If you are a coach or manager, you know how important it is to have a team that looks its best! This is especially true for youth baseball teams. They may be nervous about playing in front of crowds and need a boost of confidence to perform their best on the field.

When a player steps out in a new pair of custom sports socks, they feel more confident and ready to take on the competition. This is why so many professional, collegiate and youth baseball teams opt for custom athletic socks from Sock Club. custom brand socks

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