Minimalist baby registry is a way for expectant parents to register for baby gifts they want from friends and family. It’s great for those that live in tiny homes, have limited space or a budget and value minimalism. This baby registry checklist focuses on a few essential items and leaving out a lot of things new parents often receive that they either don’t need or don’t end up using.

Some of the most common minimalist baby must haves are a stroller, car seat and high chair. A good stroller to register for is the UPPABaby Cruz V2 because it’s a full size stroller that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can be used with an infant seat or bassinet and has a spacious basket for running errands. It’s also a good choice because it has a lifetime warranty and a return policy for up to 12 months after purchase.

Another minimalist baby must have is a baby monitor, which should be a basic digital one that has an app and doesn’t require batteries. You can even find some that come with a ringtone so you can hear your baby if the nursery is too noisy. Other necessities are a diaper bag and wipes, as well as some cute baby clothes like bodysuits or footsie PJs that can be easily washed. You’ll probably need a few sets of clothing for each season because they grow so quickly.

Toys are an optional minimalist baby must have, but if you do choose to include them ask for ones that don’t encourage screen time. Occupational therapists recommend skipping anything that requires babies to sit and stand in them, which hinders their gross motor skills.

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