The modern kitchen is a design style that’s all about clean lines, clear surfaces and a calm aesthetic. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice character or functionality when designing your new kitchen. With the right materials, colors and designs, your custom modern cabinets can have just as much personality as a traditional kitchen or even a midcentury-inspired look.

Slab-style cabinet doors are an important element in any kitchen, but they can be especially effective in a modern design. With no excessive details like crown molding or raised panels, slab-style cabinet doors create flat surfaces and highlight sleek hardware options.

Alternatively, framed cabinet doors can also work well in a modern design. A framed door has a recessed front panel with milled edges, and can be finished in a wide range of wood species for different looks. For example, a walnut veneer is classic and timeless, while maple or cherry doors are more modern in feel.

Color is another key element to modern kitchen cabinets, with cool tones like blues and grays a popular choice. Contrasting cabinet colors are still all the rage, too, and according to MasterBrand’s 2017 Kitchen Trend Report, many homeowners are choosing a main island cabinet shade that’s different than the shade on the base cabinets.

Lighting is also an essential component in any kitchen, but it’s particularly crucial when working with a modern design style. Bright light is necessary for meal prep, while softer ambient lights can help bring a room together at night. modern kitchen cabinets

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