Orthodontist in Woodland Hills
A beautiful smile is not only good for your health, it boosts confidence. Whether you are self-conscious about your smile or simply want to look better, orthodontic treatment can correct teeth and jaw misalignment to create the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Zin Kohan is an orthodontist with a modern office and advanced technology to help you achieve your perfect smile.

What is Orthodontics?
The dental field of orthodontics specializes in treating malocclusion. This means misaligned or crowded teeth, which can lead to bite problems that affect the way you chew and speak, as well as your appearance. Incorrectly aligned teeth also lead to tooth decay and gum disease, so it is important to see a dentist for a complete examination, including dental x-rays.

Some people who need orthodontic treatment are born with crooked teeth, but a lot of cases of malocclusion happen in growing children and teens. If you have a child with misaligned teeth, it is best to start treatment early to prevent complications later on.

Besides traditional metal braces, your orthodontist may recommend clear braces to treat your misalignment problem. Unlike metal braces, clear braces are almost invisible, and they don’t require any metal wires or brackets that can cause discomfort in the mouth. Clear braces can also help adults who are worried about their appearance to get a confident, beautiful smile without the embarrassment of wearing metal braces. The only drawback to clear braces is that they will take longer to work than traditional braces, and your teeth will be more fragile at first. Orthodontist in Woodland Hills

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