Paper Quilling Jewelry brings the time-honored paper rolling technique into the 21st century via modern designs for earrings and pendants. Author Ann Martin is a fan of the ancient art and shows how to use pre-cut strips with shiny metallic edging to craft beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.

Often described as paper filigree, quilling uses narrow strips of paper that are rolled, looped, curled and twisted to create shapes to decorate items such as cards, pictures, boxes and jewelry. It is believed to have begun shortly after the invention of paper and can also be traced back to ancient Egypt where tombs were found with coiled wire shapes similar to quillerwork.

The techniques are straightforward and the projects are quick to complete. A wide variety of shapes are created including spirals, helixes and free-form coils. Many of the shapes can be glued together and then positioned on a flat surface to make an entire earring or pendant. The use of dowels and metal jump rings are also incorporated to make the jewelry stand out. The book is designed with a mix of shapes and colors that will appeal to a broad audience and the author even discusses ways to make your own quilling tools to save money.

To make one of the smallest earrings on page 13 simply wrap a piece of silver-edge ivory or gold-edge blue quilling strip five times around a tool handle that measures approximately 1/4-inch in diameter (I used the handle of my clay modeling tool) and pinch it at one point. Repeat to create a second ring coil. Glue the coils together and glue to a Styrofoam tray to give them stability and allow them to dry. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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