Power TakeOff’s Utility Monitoring solutions empower energy managers and consumers to proactively manage their utilities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and create a more sustainable lifestyle. By monitoring and reporting on energy consumption patterns, real-time tracking allows for improved grid resilience, quick responses to outages and more sustainable energy distribution, transmission and integration of renewable energy sources.

Real-time data capture provides insight into a building’s utility consumption patterns and helps identify inefficient operations or equipment. The information can be used to assess the health of equipment, detect anomalies and trigger preventative maintenance, reducing costs and eliminating unplanned downtime.

Using the latest technologies such as edge processing, cloud computing and predictive analytics allows for more actionable and valuable insights that can be used to optimise usage, reduce costs and improve efficiency across multiple buildings or locations. The technology also helps to identify equipment failures in advance and facilitates proactive responses by allowing for the triggering of alarms and notifications to be sent when critical thresholds or abnormal conditions are detected.

Advanced real-time tracking solutions can monitor multiple meters across a network and provide data more frequently than smart (AMI) or drive-by (AMR) meter systems, resulting in better quality information that can be used to measure spikes in energy consumption, reduce base loads, evaluate peak hours, identify irregularities and optimize operational scheduling. They can also help to track energy savings targets and goals more accurately. A real-time energy monitoring system can also be used to request submetering from your utility provider, which can offer data down to the floor level and gives greater accuracy when assessing your building’s energy use. real-time utility monitoring

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