Very much akin to self realized masters/saints of India foreign spiritual seers too have made prophecies regarding future events. Such talk in certain parts are found in all sects but the way in which Lord Jesus Christ’s disciple John has made clear cut prophecies are not noted in other places. He had attained a Yoga based spiritual vision and he has described incidences that were to take place hundreds and thousands of years later in such a manner that it seemed all that was actually enacted in front of his mind’s eye. From this standpoint his prophecies are that much more important because in those Christian countries these future incidences are to take place he too was a citizen of that region and he has especially written about the future of followers of Christian Religion. From this viewpoint in contemporary times it is very important that we gain wisdom regarding these prophecies.

In the Old Testament portion of Christianity’s Holy Bible text the future of Jews has been described who in those times resided in Egypt, Palestine etc and who had to ceaselessly face enemy attacks. In the Holy Bible it is written: Almighty God had commanded Jews that if they followed his orders they will attain joy and prosperity. Yet if Jews failed to follow God’s commands and insisted in opposing them they would be punished heavily. Even if after this they did not reform God would render their cities barren and ruined, enemies of Jews will start dwelling there and that the Jews shall have to listlessly roam around in the world without hearth or home. Ultimately when they roam around 7 Times in the world facing untold hardships in the process Almighty God shall again test them and after uniting them all they shall set up their own country.

The ancient land in which Jews resided was Palestine. Over there is their one and only sacred religious spot called Jerusalem. Just as all world Muslims look upon Mecca as their pilgrim spot and from all corners of the world they travel there, in the same way Jews too after enduring lots of hardships arrive in Jerusalem after travelling thousands of miles. For a long time span this region was under Turkish rule and Arabs started residing there. After the 1st world war in 1914 AD it was taken over by British and as per advice of friendly nations they decided to help Jews set up residences there. Although Arabs dwelling there opposed this move tooth and nail and for decades together fights ensued yet about 100,000 to 150,000 Jews have set up their homes there and from the year 1949 AD they set up their country in one part of Palestine naming it Israel. Recently Israel had attacked Egypt as a result of which there was a dire possibility of a world war setting in.

In reality the fact that Jews again relocating themselves in Palestine and that they built their own country there was an extraordinary incident because in the Holy Bible it has been very clearly predicted that Turkish rule shall end there so that Jews shall set up their own country over there and in the past 100 years thousands of bog books have been written in English wherein by exhibiting firm faith in prophecies penned in the Holy Bible, it has been said that when ‘7 Times’ end Turkish rule shall end Jews shall definitely set up their residence and country in Palestine. If respected readers so wish they can visit libraries and read these books.

Along with the prophecy of Jews settling in Palestine on the occasion of the end of ‘7 Times’, many other prophecies have been given in the Holy Bible wherein a description has been given regarding the most worldwide gigantic war as a result of which a major portion of human civilization shall get destroyed. On this very occasion divine wrath in the form of plague, famine, earthquakes etc shall manifest as per these predictions. Now since the fact regarding end of Turkish reign and Jews setting up residence in Palestine is there for all to see hence very soon other prophecies coming true cannot be ruled out.

Those analyzing prophecies of Holy Bible say that ‘7 Times’ connotes 7 years. But it is also said that 1 day of the prophecy is equivalent to 1 year. As per this mathematical calculation at the time when this prophecy was made there is a possibility that this incident took place 365 X 7 = 2555 years after it. Birth of Jews took place 58 years before that of Lord Jesus Christ and as per this calculation in the year 1966 AD the time span of ‘7 Times’ was completed. Some commentators’ say that ‘7 Times’ ended in the year 1931 AD since 1 ancient year of Christians was equal to 360 days. Whatever maybe the case because if there is a difference of about 30-35 years regarding a prophecy made 2500 years previously, none should worry about it. From this fact I give this prophecy utmost importance that as per such an ancient prophecy in present modern times a possibility of a gigantic world war ensuing has already cropped up wherein the human race may get destroyed to naught.

1)      When the times span of ‘7 Times’ shall end what shall be the state of the world? Regarding this it is written: at that hour in all directions fights and wars shall erupt and murmurs and rumors of war shall be heard everywhere. One nation shall stand up against another nation and one land against another. At that time famines shall occur, epidemics shall spread out like wild fire and in many regions shattering earthquakes shall appear. This state shall be seen initially and after this much more hardships and strife shall have to be faced.

2)      Amongst prophecies listed in the Holy Bible the description of ‘7 Trumpets’ too is of special importance. As per its proclamation when earth indwellers shall sin a lot in a despicable manner then the punishment meted out by Almighty Lord on them has been elucidated in ‘7 Trumpets’. Its description is in the form of ghastly natural calamities, yet many scholars of Christian Religion have also said that it also includes political upheavals and destructive events. Whatever the case maybe respected readers must take a deep look at the original words of the Holy Bible:

“When the first messenger of God shall blow the bugle a snow storm shall ensue on earth and it shall rain fire and blood. As a result 1/3rd portion of trees shall get burnt and all green grass shall be set ablaze”.

“When the 2nd messenger of God shall blow the bugle a very big burning mountain shall fall in the sea and as a result 1/3rd portion of the sea shall become bloody. 1/3rd portion of creatures living in the sea shall die and 1/3rd number of ships shall get destroyed”.

“When the 3rd messenger of God shall blow the bugle a very gigantic star shall fall which shall get illumined like a flame lamp. It shall fall on 1/3rd portion of founts of rivers and water. This star’s name shall be Wormwood. As a result 1/3rd portion of water sources shall become Wormwood. This water shall be poisonous which shall kill innumerable people”.

In the same way when the next trumpet shall be blown people living in this world shall face other types of discomforts. Due to the 4th trumpet the light of sun and moon shall diminish. Due to the 5th trumpet beasts of the form of locusts that harass human beings shall emerge from the womb of earth and from the 6th trumpet horseman shall appear that die from fire and smoke. As written by us above in these prophecies symbolic language has been made use of which was the method used in ancient eras. For example, the symbols used like beasts of the shape of locusts connote aircrafts, horsemen dying due to fire and smoke connotes cannons and modern day machine guns. Similarly when it is said that mountain and star falling in the sea and earth connotes attacking with atom and hydrogen bombs because they render water and all food items toxic which in turn kills creatures in hordes.

3)      Such a terrible picture of famine has been painted in the Holy Bible which should be given due attention not only from the point of a prophecy but the very influential style of writing. No doubt many famines have occurred so far the world over but during times of bloody wars their form is that much more ferocious. At such times those who till land since their profession is agriculture and those involved in making useful materials for day to day life are forced to enlist in the army and thus the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) diminishes alarmingly. Further since many soldiers are enlisted in the army they have to be supplied by thousands of tons of food grains and other materials. When one nation’s army succeeds in crossing into the enemy country, their soldiers destroy crops, agricultural lands, shops etc of the enemy country. Thus the form of famine ensuing is much more fearful. Also an important point to note is that in any future war since nuclear weapons/bombs shall be made use of such a heinous influence of toxic radioactive materials shall be seen in food, water, air and other materials that all those who use these shall die in a few days because their inner bodily organs shall start deteriorating swiftly. Hence if during times of war if people have to perforce face terrible famine situations it shall be least surprising. In the Holy Bible famines have been described thus: When the 3rd seal shall be opened from it a black hued horse shall emerge and in the hands of its rider shall be a weighing pan. He will proclaim that 1 measure of wheat shall cost one gold coin and 3 measures of barley shall cost one gold coin. Further it is written: The faces of people shall become black like the cuckoo bird. They will roam around in alleys enduring all types of harassment. Their skins after separating from bones shall dangle in air and body shall dry up like wooden sticks. Those people who are attacked by swords shall be more joyous than those dying slow deaths of hunger.

In the Isaiah portion of the Holy Bible it is written: See! Almighty God has rendered earth barren and ruined and it is full of eerie silence. During this terrible phase of famine the painful state face by farmers shall also be that of landlords, the sorry state faced by loan takers shall also be faced by money lenders and the anguish faced by beggars shall also be the lot of donors of charity. All agricultural land shall become dry-arid and everywhere downfall will reign. No longer shall peace and contentment dwell on earth and all over the world grief shall loom large. In this heinous hour innumerable humans shall die and only a few humans shall remain alive on planet earth. Big cities shall be rendered like ruins and houses shall be locked. No humans shall be seen on roads because this is what Almighty Lord has commended.

4)      Along with such events taking place in this dire gloomy era the Holy Bible also predicts about many other types of strife and ferocious earthquakes appearing. Via inference we can gauge that instead of this alluding to an earthquake due to a natural calamity it points at a political and social revolution. The exact words of this prophecy are: When the 6th seal shall be opened a super terrible earthquake shall emerge. The sun shall appear to be akin to a blanket made from hair. Stars of the sky shall start falling on earth. The sky akin to a round ball of paper shall get torn into 2 parts. All mountains and islands shall stray away from their original positions. All kings, big shot people, rich class, big leaders and higher authority people shall start hiding in caves and in pits. They will tell those mountains and gigantic rocks to fall on them and thus save us from the ferocious onslaught of the ever just Almighty Lord.

If respected readers think deeply they shall clearly know that such incidences take place during political and social upheavals. During times of material nature earthquakes both rich and poor die together. But in this particular prophecy there is a depiction of the killing of chiefly rich and big shot people. From this we can understand that this could be only a political and social ‘earthquake’ or upheaval. Such circumstances have already been witnessed by us all when after capitalism got destroyed in Russia, Poland and Romania, communism got established but later this too went into disarray.

5)      When the 4th messenger of God shall throw his power on sun, the latter’s heat shall increase so much that it shall ‘pressure cook’ all humans. Due to untold heat man out of frustration shall shower insults on God saying what type of strife he has created.

While analyzing this, a scholar writes that at this moment man’s ill fate has reached a nadir. The chief basis of life viz. water, land, sun etc shall themselves start meting out fruits of sinful actions executed by mankind. A few years back there were people immersed in pleasurable sense aggrandizement shall henceforth be seen wailing, crying and expressing agony. At this time for so many days sun shall fling on earth such hotter and burning rays on earth that people shall perceive their homes to be furnaces. In the 3rd world war when hydrogen and nuclear bombs shall be used such a state shall be visibly noted because their light and heat is very much similar to that of the blazing sun and via it not only humans but creatures alive but stones and mud too shall get burnt to smoke.

6)      The description of the future world war given below is very hair-raising. The maker of the prophecy in deep flights of meditation saw the following vision:

I saw that an angel is standing in sunlight and is saying that O birds flying in air! Come to me by gathering together and join for a meal supplied by God. In this meal you will get the opportunity to eat flesh of people who are kings, emperors, captains, powerful humans, horses and riders seated on them and all types of big high class people.

7)      In the Holy bible the description of future times ends with the following prophecy made. In deep meditation futurist Saint John saw:

I saw an angel coming from the sky. He tied up a devil and threw him into a big crater and closed the latter. After this for 1000 years (millennium) Golden Era shall reign on earth.

While commenting on this a scholar writes that: in these super fearful incidences spanning 7 years the entire world shall transform totally. Due to wars and epidemics millions of people shall die and very large cities shall turn into lonely ruins. After this when earth’s political rule shall be managed by saintly people full of religious and ethical thoughts the hardships of mankind shall be overcome from their very roots. At that time people shall live a life based on God’s laws and shall renounce all sin and selfishness. At that time the very names of army and navy shall be wiped out and people by breaking swords shall use them to build ploughs. People of one country shall not fight with people of other countries and wars shall end once and for all. Even the most ferocious blood thirsty beasts of jungles shall rest peaceful. No human shall die very young. In this era governance shall be taken up by only those people whose character shall be pure and sacred, who will be humble, polite and love the poor.

Till now many people believed that these prophecies have been highly overstated but scientists who have made ‘star wars’ of nuclear weapons are saying certain things which if mulled over aptly tells us that there is need to doubt the truth of these prophecies. In a world peace Conference held in Japan England’s Prof Rotwolt had said that if a war waged between Russia and America on a large scale in it very quickly all types of bombs shall be made use of. By that time long range missiles shall become so powerful that with its aid bombs can be sent hurling to any corner of the world. When war commences both sides shall throw more and more bombs with such weapons. At that time none of these opponents shall wait to find out how many and in what way the bombs shall rain from the enemy camp. At that time on an average each side shall possess 1000 bombs of 20 mega ton each. Ere these bombs exploded in America then land over there measuring thousands of square miles shall be pounded to dust and on the spot millions of humans shall die. And yet the dire loss due to these bombs shall not be limited to Russia and America only. Radiation materials emitted by these bombs shall land much beyond these 2 warring nations into other countries. As a result millions of people shall undergo diseases pertaining to white blood cells, leukemia and siring of abnormal children. In the prophecy of the Holy Bible too it is written that: Those who at that time shall die due to weapon attacks shall yet be very fortunate because those people facing the above deadly diseases shall die a slow painful writhing death.

Many readers shall be wonderstruck by the fact that despite us all knowing the all destructive capacity of these deadly bombs, why are America and Russia, countries leading in the field of modern science and other knowledge streams insisting on destroying themselves with their own hands? Why are they designing such newer weapons which not only shall destroy the world but shall annihilate their own mighty nations? The true reason behind this is that ‘Vinash kale vipareet buddhi’ which means when the hour of destruction arrives our intellects behave lopsided. Now these people after researching a great deal have reached pinnacles of power and this very power shall become a medium of their own destruction. The other reason is that during such times every country thinks that after destroying the enemy country they shall somehow survive after undergoing a little bit of loss. Hence news of such inventions is emerging from America via which nuclear bombs thrown on them by enemy countries shall be destroyed midway. No doubt we can imagine things in innumerable ways but ultimately if we think that the results for even one country shall be good, know for sure that this just is erroneous thinking on our part.

In such terrible conditions world humanity shall perforce face fearful strife. In the entire world various dire situations shall manifest like world wars, epidemics, famine, augmenting of vile activities, imbalance, mismanagement, anarchy etc as a result of which untold amount of wealth and human resources shall get destroyed. It is least surprising if 1/3rd world humans get pounded to naught as a result of such dire situations.

True hour of dawn or dusk is when the sun has either totally risen or set. Generally this time span is of about 5 minutes. Despite true dawn/dusk lasting for 5 minutes the dawn/dusk in day to day routine is said to last for 1 hour each. Much before and much later from the real span of solar and lunar eclipse Sutak Kal (time phase considered defiling as per Hindu tradition) exists. In the same way in the year 1962 AD astrologers had warned the world about a gigantic terrible situation and as a result there was a possibility of world annihilating situations emerging. They had said that although its real time span shall be between 16th January to 12th February spanning 26 days yet its pre and post time phase shall commence 5 years before and end 5 years later. During the year 1957 this inauspicious terrible time commences and it shall end in the year 1967. Thus in a certain manner this malefic cycle is believed to be of 10 years time span.

But respected readers must be undergoing hardships of contemporary modern times. In these days also the world is not any less harassed. In every nook and corner of the world reigns flooding over rivers, lack of rain in many regions, rail accidents, dacoits and crime on the rise, widespread hooliganism, sectarian strife, regionalism, terrorism, naked dance of language and caste based fanaticism, black money, bribery, pilfering, shortage of food, increase in inflation, strikes by government employees, scams by political parties, decrease in purchasing power of the public, increase in government restrictions that become obstacles in business development and widespread discontent.

In the international arena powers pertaining to colonialism and imperialism by readying their newer forms of torture and tactics, beforehand itself are manifesting direly. The sparks of war can be seen in huge continents like Asia, Europe and Africa and even if a minor opportunity is created these sparks can get converted to blazing forest fires. All mass destruction weapons like nuclear bombs, missiles etc are posing a challenge to the world since they are capable of destroying wealth and humans and render earth a graveyard devoid of any creatures. Even mere testing of these nuclear weapons are rendering the world’s atmosphere terribly poisonous and due to this the world over diseases like influenza etc are on the rise alarmingly. Further the balance of heat, cold, rain and other seasons is going awry. Those babies born in today’s times their psyches are noted to erupt with anger, enmity, unruliness and indiscipline. This ill fate shall showcase itself in a more ghastly manner when children born are attacked by physical/mental challenges, deafness, dumbness, blindness, handicaps and mental insanity. Thus after birth being rendered a burden in this world shall die in writhing agony being victims of cancer, AIDS and other deadly diseases. Due to nuclear weapon testing, gigantic amounts of radioactive elements are being flung into earth’s atmosphere so that many destructive upheavals are rising alarmingly at present and shall continue to do so more in a manifold way in future also.

In the mental realm of world public a strange type of dejection is being noted. None of them are able to focus their minds on some concrete serious endeavor. The bosoms of people are burning in a big way due to the fire of sensuous desires, yearnings, envy, hatred, quarrels, revenge, intolerance etc attacking them. Thus when such unhealthy minded people act, their activities are full of errors, discontent and reaping sorrow. This then is the true picture of today’s world situation. In the midst of such deadly situations all our good efforts that are social, political and spiritual in nature meant for reinstating peace and joy in the lives of all humans are actually failing.

There is a possibility that Lord Rudra’s (Shiva) 3rd eye shall open. As a result demigods in all humility by praying to the omniscient Almighty God can render calm his wrath. The flames akin to a terrific forest fire are erupting in order to set ablaze the entire world and since a scene of world annihilation shall manifest terrific Varunastra or Water Weapons are required to pacify it. The world is immersed in designing more and more hydrogen bombs. But none possesses the power to ward off tainted reactions emerging from their usage. In fact this task can be done only by Rishis of Indian origin. From here have always flowed Nectarine Rivers that have spread peace in all directions of the world. At present a Varunastra is required that can ward off these possible harassing situations, combat them valiantly and neo create world humanity and this Water Weapon can be supplied only by the land of great Rishis called India. Other countries are making Agneyastras or Fire Weapons. The Water Weapon which can be designed only by India can calm down all Fire Weapons so that untold wealth and human resources the world over can be successfully protected.

Shantikunj (HQ All World Gayatri Family, Haridwar, India) is organizing a chain of Ashwamedha Yajnas and Prajna Purascharan which in effect is a spiritual Water Weapon. In order to manufacture hydrogen bombs millions of dollars are wasted along with hard work and various material means. But in order to make this spiritual Water weapon no wealth, machinery or other materials are required and yet hard work is definitely required. Further this hard work should not be that of atheists but whose bosoms are righteous and sacredly spiritual. In the Treta Yuga in order to kill demon Ravan a Super Bomb of the shape of a pot was designed which was filled with blood drops of great divine Rishis. This pot was buried in an agricultural field and from it when Seeta Energy manifested, demonic activities that had sounded their drums in all world directions ultimately got destroyed. Just as in Treta Era Rishis constructed a Bomb of Peace by donating their pious blood so too Gayatri Family is making similar efforts by arranging Ashwamedha Yajnas. Due to its influence all that gurgling of fears of all destroying demonic activities in the form of wrath of natural calamities can be rendered serene and ultimately void.

From every member of All World Gayatri Family we expect that they must do their bit for world humanity’s joy, peace and security. By donating a bit of their time and efforts every member by taking up Gayatri meditation/worship on a daily footing can become partners of Ashwamedha Yajna Anusthans. Since this shall be a collective Sankalpa or resolve it is not enough that members carry out some lone Mantra chanting or worship rites. By inspiring religious minded people in their vicinity to tread this great path they must be well organized in order to co partner is this Super Spiritual Program. We with importunity request farsightedly discriminate religion lovers that they on noting these very terribly fearful times of today vow to execute spiritual programs so as to render them calm and serene. fenbendazole for cancer

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