Whether you’re looking to add a beach-inspired accessory to your wardrobe or are in need of an effortless and stylish gift for someone special, Puka Shell Necklace is the perfect option. These natural, white clamshell necklaces are not only beautiful and unique, but they also symbolize a carefree lifestyle and a close connection to nature. In addition, they are said to protect the wearer from negative energies and spirits.

Originally a symbol of Hawaiian culture, puka shells were popularized during the ’60s and reached their peak in popularity in the ’70s when a number of celebrities drove interest in the unique jewelry trend. One such celebrity was Elizabeth Taylor who appeared in the September 1974 issue of Modern Screen Magazine wearing a strand of puka shells that came from McClure Beach on Kaua’i. Other famous fans of puka shells include David Cassidy of Partridge Family fame and the late actor John Wayne.

Today, puka shells can still be seen adorning the necks of beachgoers and fashion enthusiasts all over the world. Although many inexpensive imitations are being sold as puka shell necklaces, the majority of authentic strands have been handcrafted in Hawaii using genuine cone shell fragments, which are usually dyed and polished to mimic the natural wear and tear they experience in the surf. In fact, it can take thousands of shells to make a single strand and these artisans use the best and most ethical practices in order to ensure no sea creatures are harmed in the production process. Puka Shell Necklace

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