Reformer Pilates is a modern method of training that builds strength and stability in the body. It’s the latest innovation in the wildly popular pilates system, utilising spring loaded resistance to challenge your body in all planes of movement, whilst opening it to feel aligned and spacious. If you’re ready to take your workout to the next level, try HOUSE OF SCULPT’s signature reformer class.

The Wellness Centre Wollongong offers a variety of fitness classes for all levels, including pre-natal offerings. Their Pre-Natal Pilates class is designed to provide a strong foundation for your body during this important time in your life. With qualified instructors, they can also teach breathing exercises for minimising stress and a range of stretches to help with core strength and pelvic floor health.

They have a wide range of equipment, including specialised trapeze tables, reformer beds and Wunda chairs along with foam rollers and bosu balls. Their expert instructors are qualified to the highest international standards and offer hands-on adjustments for maximum benefit. They incorporate a Mindful Movement approach in all classes. In this way your body learns (or re-learns) to move at its most optimal level.

This studio also offers a number of group classes, including Barre and RPM. Their Barre class is a high intensity low impact workout that combines ballet and pilates principles, all choreographed to upbeat music. It’s an effective and fun way to burn calories, tone up and feel the burn – no dance experience needed!

C3 Training is a supportive fitness gym that’s packed with premium facilities and expert coaches. Their RPM classes are a great cardio boost that’s low impact, meaning you can work up a sweat without putting too much strain on your joints. The Strong class is about building all round strength, with the program utilising large whole body movements and compound lifts to build a stronger version of yourself! They have a range of casual passes, packs and memberships to suit your needs. They also offer online bookings, so you can say goodbye to appointment cards and hello to convenience! reformer pilates wollongong

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