During the unending summer, it is a wonder idea to cool off your heels and chill out by the pool all day. This Lion City or the Asian Tiger is one of the few countries in the world which is a home of world-class rooftop pools. For people looking to escape the heat, the gorgeous rooftop pools is a soothing effect to rejuvenating your senses. These pools are placed in some of the coolest hotels in Singapore and share their space at times with a bar, thus making your swim session even sweeter. We have prepared a list of the top rooftop pools which you should definitely check out when you visit Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

You can probably not imagine the Singapore skyline with the Marina Bay Sands. The infinity pool of the Marina Bay Sands is like an icon in Singapore and there is a reason why. The highest infinity pool in the world, only the guests in Marina Bay Sands can use this luxury. The pool not only offers sweeping views of the city’s skyline, it is highly spacious and with mesmerizing surroundings. Standing perched on top of 57 floors on this iconic building and is often termed as the swimming on top of the world. If that was not all, you can click really cool pics at the edge of the pool. If you are done with swimming, you can check into the Franco-Asian restaurant or the casual alfresco café for a quick bite and a drink. One of the truly thrilling experience to indulge in during your tour to Singapore.

The Westin Singapore

The super luxurious rooftop pool is placed atop on the 35th floor of the Westin Singapore in the financial district. The views from the skyscrapers rooftop are captivating and will definitely catch the eye of any person. Although it is not as popular as the Marina Bay Sands, it definitely stands in one of the top rooftop pools in the Lion city. For people who are looking for a calm and harmonious environment, this is heaven. For the best experience, we recommend you to relax with this stunning view in front of your eyes and a drink in hand. Once you soaking up the sun and wonderful views of Singapore’s south coast, head to the relaxing spa in the hotel for a refreshing experience.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

This fancy 5-star rated hotel houses one of the most modern and luxurious rooftop pools in Singapore. Although it does not aim for the stars in the skyline, you can still get a very beautiful view of the city from the rooftop. The ambiance reminds you of being at a beach club or roof garden in Krabi or Bali. Indulge in an invigorating swim and enjoy stunning sunset views. A lush green environment surrounds the terrace and the rooftop pool. You can also sip signature cocktails created by the bartenders of the popular Lantern bar of the hotel. The pool is restricted to guests only.

Naumi Hotel

One of the luxurious and cozy rooftop pools that are placed on top of the fancy Naumi Hotel. Although it is located on the outskirts of the city center, this hidden gem in Singapore offers a mighty skyline view and amazing panoramic views of the city from the top. It is one of the perfect opportunities to move away from the shackles of the busy city and relax on top of this gorgeous boutique hotel. The pool pays true homage to its roots and the comfy seats near the pool are inspired by the Island of Bali which catches the eye of every tourist. This pool is not very known, hence the harmonious and quiet ambiance is an added advantage.

Sofitel So Singapore

Nestled right in the center atop of the 8th floor of the Sofitel so Singapore, the infinity pool is placed in the middle of all the modern skyscrapers in downtown Singapore. The rooftop is also equipped with a modern terrace along with a bar. Even though this contemporary building is not very tall, the rooftop pool still offers scenic views of the CBD area. The gold-tiled pool is restricted to hotel guests only but the non-guests can use the Hi-So bar and the terrace. You can sip on the new world wines, champagnes, and cocktails as you indulge in a swim.

No matter who are with, the tropical sun can take a toll on you when you visit Singapore. A dip in one of the rooftop pools in Singapore is a perfect way to relieve your stress and refresh your senses. Although the list features just a few of them on the cards, we have tried to fit the most popular ones on the list which you should definitely check out during your tour to Singapore. company registration Singapore

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