The cooling unit is a key component in an absorption refrigerator. A failure of the cooling unit will not cool your fridge and it may emit an ammonia odor if the cooling solution leaks. If your refrigerator is making a gurgling noise when the heat source is on, it has leaked out the cooling solution and you need to replace the cooler.

The new replacement cooling unit comes with a polyurethane foam pack, installation manual and thermal mastic (necessary for the install). We recommend you run it overnight on high and empty to break in the new refrigeration system before installing it in your RV. This will also give the cooling system time to get properly charged.

This is a better design than the original Norcold cooling unit that has been unchanged for over 15 years and failed many times, the Amish designed cooling unit will not fail you as this one did. The new fan is located on the top side vent of the refrigerator and starts running much earlier in the heating cycle, it will help create a draft to move heat out of your refrigerator far sooner than your old fans did.

A JC Refrigeration conversion of your Norcold Refrigerator will include a new fan and thermostatic switch that mounts on the rear of the fridge compartment. This is the best location for the temperature sensor because it allows you to easily locate it close to the point where the weak solution enters the absorber coil (red oval). This is a crucial placement for your refrigerator to work correctly. The new temperature sensor is a critical part of the refrigerator conversion as it controls the boiler to prevent it from boiling, without this vital control the cooling unit will not work. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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