Whether they’re dressing up for Halloween or a special event, kids love to let their inner superhero shine. But finding costumes that are stylish, comfortable and affordable can be challenging. This Spider gwen costume for kid will have them swinging into action in no time, defending their community from any threats that may lurk in the shadows.

First introduced in 2014, Gwen Stacy (or as she prefers to be known, Spider-Gwen) is an alternate universe version of Peter Parker, bitten by a radioactive spider instead of her father and gifted with super powers that she uses to fight crime and save the day. This unique character has become a fan-favorite, appearing in comics, movies, video games and merchandise. She’s also a regular at conventions and other events, inspiring girls and women everywhere to be their best selves.

When she made her debut in Across the Spider-Verse, audiences went wild. It wasn’t just her unique color palette and trendy hood that captured the attention of viewers, but her story of bravery and perseverance. And now that she’s starred in her own animated movie, Spider-Gwen has become even more of a hero to fans.

Designed with comfort and style in mind, this Spider-Gwen costume is made from soft and breathable polyester. The hood features pink lining and teal printed spiderwebs, capturing the iconic look of the character. The jumpsuit is also designed with primarily neutral colors, allowing the splash of pink in the hood to really pop. The hook and loop fastener in the back helps to ensure a secure fit, and the mask is constructed with mesh-covered eye openings that limit vision for added realism. Spider gwen costume for kid

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