Steroids are a type of synthetic hormone that is used for both medical and recreational purposes. Often they are combined with other drugs to create a more effective and safer drug, commonly known as a “stack”. The use of steroids can cause long lasting side effects, such as infertility, increased breast size in men, and loss of hair. Steroids can also have dangerous effects on the heart and liver, making them a very risky drug to misuse.

The illegal sale and distribution of steroids in Thailand is a growing problem. It is believed to be driven by international criminal networks, with Thailand’s location as a key transit point for the global steroid trade. A variety of international police agencies have worked with Thai authorities to disrupt steroid production and trafficking operations.

Despite their illegality, anabolic steroids remain relatively easy to buy in Thailand. The drugs are sold at a number of pharmacies in Bangkok and Pattaya, with many selling steroids for less than what they cost on the Australian black market. In one case, Spectrum bought a stack of oral steroids at a pharmacy in central Bangkok for a little over 4,000 baht.

Illegal steroid usage is often referred to as “cycling” or’stacking’, where the user takes different combinations of steroids over time in order to maximise muscle gains and minimise side effects. In some cases, users will also take ‘nolviron’, which is a progestogen that can be used to reduce the side effects of steroids. Steroids Thailand

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