Stretch marks are no fun. If you are a bikini girl, or even if you’re not, trying to conceal the marks can be tough. If you have had a baby, or you are or have been heavy, you probably know the unattractive sight of stretch marks.

But take heart – there are some methods for removing stretch marks, or at least reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

There are creams with a wide variety of ingredients you can buy, but many women swear by creams containing cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is thought to hydrate the skin very well and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Improving the elasticity of the skin should be the main goal of any cream designed to reduce stretch marks. Because stretch marks are caused by a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, any product that can help to restore them will be beneficial.

Other ingredients that might be helpful for the removal or reduction of stretch marks include:

1. Tretinoin – This ingredient is thought to reduce the width and length of stretch marks. Again, there are no claims that it will completely erase stretch marks, but products with this ingredient in them might help to reduce the look of stretch marks.

2. Centella asiatica extract, Vitamin E and collagen-elastin hydrolysates – These ingredients are often found in creams that claim to get rid of stretch marks. Again, any product that contains elastin or collagen products will help with stretch marks, since a lack of elastin and collagen in the skin can contribute to the formation of stretch marks.

3. Vitamin A products (like retinol) and alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) – These products help with cell regeneration, which in turn creates healthier skin.

Also look for products that contain wheat germ oil and lanolin. These, along with cocoa butter, might be helpful for someone who knows they might soon develop stretch marks (if you are pregnant, for example).

Now, if you’re willing to spend a few more dollars, you can invest in a cream or potion that promises to remove stretch marks. The jury is out on these creams, however. Some people claim great success with them, while others say they did nothing for their marks.

As with any personal care product, the best thing to do is try a few things out and find out what works for you. Don’t, however, buy into the commercial promises of a product that’s not been fully tested or proven. Too often these “specialty” creams just don’t work. Instead use our advice about which ingredients to look for in a good stretch mark cream.

So there it is. We’ve given you a few tips and tools for finding a winkle cream solution that might work for you. Read on for more tips for how to remove stretch marks. buy tazorac

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