A unique custom 40-ft catamaran that feels like a stylish beach club at sea

Experience one of the most awe-inspiring ocean adventures in the world aboard a custom 40-ft catamaran. yacht cabo It has everything you need for a memorable trip including a spacious, comfortable, and fully equipped cabin and bathroom, a large TV, water sports gear, and an ice cooler!

Explore Los Cabos from a new perspective with an unforgettable private sunset cruise, snorkeling adventure or a fishing and pelagic encounter excursion. You’ll have an incredible time cruising the stunning coastline of Cabo San Lucas and searching for the next big thing in the waters of Mexico!

Discover one of the most spectacular ray species in the Pacific, Mobula Munkiana (Mobula munkiana), on your next snorkeling adventure. These tiny devil rays migrate each year in tens of thousands into the Sea of Cortez for their annual mating and reproduction cycles.

These rays can be spotted in neritic and coastal habitats along the Pacific coast of Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru (Fig. 2). They feed on a variety of soft-bodied prey items such as Mysidacea, Nyctiphanes simplex, and euphausiids.

They can be seen in the wild and are frequently filmed by scientists. They are also commonly known for their social behavior, which includes congregating in large aggregations in order to mate and reproduce18.

The scientific name for this ray is Mobula Munkiana, which translates to ‘moon’ in the Hawaiian language. This is because this species has a moon shaped, dorsal-fin shaped, stinging mouth that it uses to feed on a wide variety of soft-bodied prey. It is also a relatively large species at 112 cm disc width in adulthood.

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