Thaiboxning (Thai: myty), also known as the art of eight limbs, is an Oriental martial art and combat sport that uses stand-up striking and various clinching techniques. Its unique stance and reliance on fists, elbows, knees, and shins distinguishes it from other combat sports like boxing and kickboxing.

Thai boxing has a long and rich history. It has evolved over the years to keep up with the demands of modern fighting, but it still retains its traditional roots and cultural significance. Some even consider the Golden Age of Thai boxing to have lasted from 1980 to 1995.

The earliest forms of Muay Thai date back to the 18th century, where it was used as a form of war preparation. It was only in the 20th century that it became a full-contact sport and a spectator sport. The sport was embraced by many in Thailand and became a staple of local festivals.

Today, it is a global martial arts and combat sport that is practiced by millions around the world. It is a fast-paced and high-energy form of combat that is both effective and fun. There are also numerous competitions and federations that regulate the sport and protect its practitioners.

As with any form of combat, proper technique is the key to success. Those who practice the art of Thai boxing are trained to hit hard, fast, and powerfully. In addition to hitting hard, they are also taught how to avoid strikes and take advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses. This makes it possible for even novices to learn how to fight effectively in the ring.

While punching is the most commonly used strike in Muay Thai, kicking is also highly important. Common kicks include the body kick and leg kick. In addition, teeps (push kicks from the front or rear legs with the foot in a vertical position) and side teeps are also used. Head kicks are rarely thrown, but they can be used when necessary.

Besides the striking techniques, Muay Thai fighters train on heavy bags and focus pads to develop their speed and endurance. This is where the Twins gloves come into play. These gloves have a tough outer leather design and are ideal for working power punches on the heavy bag. They are also very comfortable to wear, which can make a big difference when you are working on the Thai heavy bags that have been molded for impact by thousands of strikes before them.

There are many legendary Thai boxers in the history of the sport, but there are a few that truly stand out. One of them is Somrak Khamsing, who was the first Thai to win an Olympic medal in boxing. Besides his impressive striking prowess, Somrak has a defensive style that few can match. This is why he is revered as an awe-inspiring warrior in the history of the sport.

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