AWS certification can help you stand out in the field of cloud computing. It can give you credibility, increase your marketability and even open doors to new career opportunities. In addition to providing you with a competitive edge in the industry, it can also boost your salary and benefits. There are various types of AWS certifications that can be earned depending on your area of expertise. Some require a certain level of experience, while others are more specific in terms of the skills and knowledge you need to pass an exam.

The AWS Certified Networking – Specialty certification is for IT professionals who specialize in networking scalable AWS systems. The exam will test your skills in managing AWS network architecture through best practices and automating networking tasks. Moreover, it will evaluate your understanding of how to use AWS services for analyzing data and how to apply them to the network architecture. The prerequisites for this exam include AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or any of the Associate-level certifications and networking experience.

This certification path is designed for professionals who are looking to build, deploy and debug applications on AWS. It covers AWS services and solutions such as Dynamo DB, Elastic Beanstalk, SQS, SNS, and Lambda. It will also assess your ability to design and implement an application that uses AWS APIs and SDKs, and a high-level programming language. The prerequisites for this exam include a minimum of six months of experience in a related role.

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