When you consider how much of daily life relies on computers and the internet now, it’s no wonder cybersecurity has become a huge issue. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting networks, devices, systems and programs from unauthorized access or criminal use, and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

There are many threats to cybersecurity, some more serious than others. These include malware erasing a system’s files, an attacker using your device to attack others or steal your credit card information, and more. Fortunately, cybersecurity solutions can prevent many of these risks from occurring by identifying and blocking vulnerabilities.

Another key component of a good cybersecurity solution is to train employees on best practices and policies. Employees are a company’s first line of defense against cyberattacks, and it’s essential that they understand how to spot potential threats so they can protect themselves and the data the business has entrusted them with. Additionally, it’s important to regularly assess whether compliance regulations are being met by employees so that those who need to improve their compliance can be identified and taken action on.

There are numerous paths to a career in cybersecurity, and one of the biggest reasons to choose this field is the variety it offers. Security professionals get to work on a wide range of technologies and situations they might never dream of in other industries, and the ever-evolving nature of the cybersecurity landscape means that there are always new things to learn. Managed Detection and Response

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