The auto parts yard at 2804 Hanson Street has become a staple for do-it-yourself car enthusiasts and professional mechanics in Fort Myers, drawing customers from neighboring towns and cities. People from Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres and even Naples often visit U-Pull-&-Pay for quality used car parts at budget friendly prices. Whether you’re looking for an engine or a transmission, you’ll find what you need at U-Pull-&-Pay.

Junkyard fort myers
The ruckus over a junkyard fort myers has been growing, and city officials want to settle it once and for all. A new, self-serve auto parts yard is set to open next week in the heart of Fort Myers’ historic Dunbar neighborhood – and residents fear it will degrade property values and attract criminal elements. The city is considering whether to allow Garden Street Iron and Metal, on Metro Parkway near Hanson, to expand into the largely minority community.

Garden Street’s owners argue that their business is environmentally safe, pays high taxes and provides well-paying jobs to local workers. They say that the previous property owner contaminated the land and they have a plan to clean it up. They also claim that their expansion will create jobs and improve the community’s livability.

But to Green and many in the area, these claims aren’t enough to offset the damage they believe the junkyard will cause. For one, the area already has the lowest property values in town, and Green fears the yard will only continue to drive down those prices. And she worries that if the city allows the yard to expand, other heavy industry will follow suit and further degrade the neighborhood. junkyard fort myers

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