A new conservatory roof is a great way to transform an existing extension into a space for living, dining and entertaining. It can be a real asset to your home and increase its value.

There are many different types of new conservatory roof that you can choose from, so you can find the perfect option to suit your needs and property. One of the most popular is the solid tiled roof, which adds a new dimension to your conservatory and can make it feel like a room within the house.

The solid roof can offer increased comfort, insulation and durability and they will withstand all kinds of weather conditions. They can be manufactured in a variety of colours and styles, and are a great way to create a modern extension that will last for years to come.

Solid conservatory roofs can be insulated using a thermally efficient glass or polycarbonate panel, which will help to prevent heat from escaping and keep your energy bills down. They can also be glazed with tinted or coated glass that will help to protect your extension from extreme temperatures in the sun.

Solar control glass is another excellent option for a new conservatory roof. It will help to prevent heat from building up inside your extension, so that it is comfortable to use throughout the year.

Another option is a skylight, which can be glazed with double glazed panels that can help to insulate your conservatory and lower your energy costs. They can be installed in a range of shapes and sizes, including oval, curved or circular.

Alternatively, you can choose to install a flat roof conservatory, which is great for extending your property in a modern and sleek style. These can be glazed with an assortment of coloured glass to match your home and can also include LED downlights for additional light in your extension.

SupaLite SupaLite have a fantastic range of warm roof systems to choose from, all designed to give your conservatory a unique look and feel. They can be glazed in a wide range of colours and have unique fascia and soffits to add a traditional feel to the extension.

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With the ever-increasing cost of energy, it is more important than ever to keep your conservatory or orangery insulated. Upgrading your glazing can make a huge difference to the overall efficiency of your new conservatory and will save you money in the long run on your heating and electricity bills.

Replacing your old conservatory roof with a new replacement solid tiled roof can be a great solution to increasing the value of your home, reducing your energy bills and providing extended living space for you and your family. We will remove the old roof and install a solid tiled roof to comply with regulations and provide a beautiful and practical addition to your home.

A solid tiled conservatory can offer enhanced strength and resilience, while a bespoke colour selection ensures you will have the perfect extension for your property.

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