Water tanks, also known as cisterns, are common in older houses or in rural areas where mains water is not available. They allow for rain and well water to be stored, providing an ongoing supply of fresh drinking and cooking water in the event of power outages or rainfall shortages.

While they are most often installed in the ground, water tanks can also be placed aboveground on larger properties or buried underground where space is limited. They can be made from either plastic or concrete and are typically lined to ensure they don’t leak. Tanks can be connected to both inlet and outlet valves, filters and overflow pipes. Whether you have a small tank or large one, it’s important to keep it in good condition and regularly inspect it for any signs of damage, rust or cracks.

The water tank is a key piece of equipment in any household, and it’s essential to be able to access it in case you need to clean it or repair any leaks. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s likely time to book a tasker to come and check the tank over for you.

When your Tasker arrives, they’ll first take a look at the location and access requirements of the tank. They’ll then drain the tank and clean it to make sure it’s free of any debris or sediment that could contaminate your water. If the tank is corroded, they’ll use a heat gun and a patch plate to repair the damage and reline it with Belzona fiber wrap to prevent further corrosion. water tank repairs near me

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