Waxed canvas is a sturdy, durable fabric that can withstand rough treatment. It’s great for bags that need to be lugged around all day, such as messenger bags and backpacks. It’s also popular for tents and clothing, especially when paired with leather gifts As long as you take care of your waxed canvas, it can last decades. Its look also gets better with age, highlighting all the marks and nicks that make it unique to you.

Waxed canvas was originally developed as a waterproof utility fabric for use in nautical and military contexts. It was later superseded by a wide variety of synthetic products with greater strength and water resistance, but it made a comeback in recent years. It’s a vegan alternative to leather and is incredibly durable and functional, with a vintage aesthetic that looks great with a leather jacket or pair of jeans.

A natural waterproofing material, waxed canvas is created when paraffin or beeswax is woven into or surface applied to cotton fabrics. When properly maintained, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning or laundering. However, over time the wax coating will wear off and your bag will need re-waxing. Re-waxing is a simple process that only requires a bar or tin of canvas wax and a hair dryer to soften the wax before applying.

As with other natural weatherproof materials, waxed canvas doesn’t breathe as well as lightweight waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex. It can still be used in rain, but it’s best for keeping your gear dry than for staying cool and comfortable. The fabric is also heavier than other materials, which makes it a good option for bags and accessories that don’t need to be too lightweight or compact.

Despite its durability, waxed canvas can be somewhat delicate and frayed if not treated with care. It’s important to know how to sew with it and to stitch carefully to minimize damage. It’s also important to avoid using pins, which can leave holes in the fabric that can weaken it over time. Instead, consider sewing your bag with a strong seam tape or wonder clips.

Wax canvas is not only sturdy and aesthetically appealing, it’s also very affordable when compared to similar fabrics with comparable performance. Its low-cost and durability make it an excellent choice for beginners who want to try their hand at sewing with an easy-to-use, dependable material.

Invest in a high-quality waxed canvas bag from a reputable maker and it can last you a lifetime. Troop London is proud to offer a variety of premium waxed canvas bags that are sure to stand the test of time. Each one is crafted with a 14oz TexWax Original Wax canvas, lined with a 500-denier CORDURA interior, and equipped with YKK water-resistant VISLON zippers. Its interior is padded to protect your laptop and other valuables. You can even store your 32oz Nalgene water bottle in its exterior pocket. Browse our collection today to find your new favorite bag.

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