A file transfer is the process of moving data between systems. This data can take on a variety of structures and formats, including images, documents, videos and more. As threat actors continue to prowl for sensitive information to steal and monetize, the most effective methods for sending and receiving files need to include robust security features.

A secure file transfer service offers essential benefits that are critical to meeting your organization’s data privacy requirements. These include granular access controls, a high level of encryption, integration capabilities and more. These features will prioritize your privacy needs while streamlining file transfers, even for large files.

In its most basic form, a file transfer can be performed by copying a file to another computer on the same network or to a different computer connected via USB or other removable hardware storage device (such as a CD or USB flash drive). Alternatively, two computers side-by-side can be cabled with a null modem or parallel port for file transmission over an ethernet connection.

With the use of a File Transfer, you can send a folder or collection of files to users who don’t have an account on your platform. These Packages will be sent as a link with a unique ID Code that will need to be entered in order to download the content. A customized web page will display your logo at the top and will provide a place for the 6-digit code to be entered in order to access the content. WeTransfer Alternative

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