A Socket Screw is a type of fastener that uses an internal hex drive to install and remove. They are a common choice for applications where the use of standard screws and bolts would be impossible due to space restrictions. These fasteners can also be used where a stronger, longer-lasting alternative to a traditional screw is needed. They can be found in a wide variety of applications, including metal stamping dies, plastic injection molds, industrial equipment, machinery and power tools.

The Socket Screw is available in a wide variety of lengths, head heights and thread sizes, making it an ideal fastener for many different types of projects. In addition, it can be produced in a number of different materials, depending on the environment or requirements for the project. These include stainless steel, aluminium and brass. Stainless steel hex socket screws are often used in environments where corrosion resistance is an important factor, such as marine or food production applications.

Other varieties of Socket Screw include the low head and flat head varieties, which have a lower head height and are usually rated for lighter duty projects. They can be made with a drilled head to accept a wire thread for added security, or they can be produced with a nylon patch that performs the same function as the pellet.

Generally, these types of screws are plated with zinc or with a combination of nickel and zinc. The combined plating process offers up to twice the hardness of a standard zinc finish, and it provides better corrosion resistance than standard zinc alone. Socket Screw

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