An employee communication app is a tool that helps teams connect and collaborate. These apps are very user-friendly and are based on technology that workers already use in their personal lives to perform tasks, such as banking, ordering food or rides, shopping and much more. This familiarity ensures that the employee communications software is easy to adopt from day one.

The best employee communication tools include a variety of different communication modes to make it easier for all employees to stay informed and connected. Some of the most popular tools are instant messaging, video conferencing, and intranets. The right solution for your team will depend on your organization’s needs and the type of work you do.

For example, for companies that do a lot of fieldwork, a remote worker communication app such as Lattice is a good choice. This tool makes it possible for employees to provide on-the-go feedback, which is an important way to keep employees engaged and motivated.

Another type of employee communication app is Slack, which is an excellent workplace messaging platform for collaborating with teams on projects. Its intuitive interface, a wide range of third-party integrations and collaboration capabilities make it a popular choice for many organizations.

A worker communication app that includes social media capabilities is Yammer, which can help you connect employees in more informal ways and encourage ideation. It integrates with Microsoft Office and offers analytics to help you understand employee activity. A more collaborative workplace communication app is Haiilo, which has features such as one-on-one chats, employee advocacy and surveys. It also includes workflow management and integrates with HRIS, HR and payroll to reduce friction in key processes.

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