A hypnotic session is designed to clear your mind of the negative and inaccurate opinions and conclusions you have made about situations that have challenged you in your life. This allows you to re-frame the events and regain the power you lost when they happened.

During this healing process you may discover the root cause of your emotional issues like anxiety, anger, jealousy, unexplained happiness or physical pain. This is accomplished by using hypnosis to reconnect with your higher self (the subconscious part of your mind), so you can get a better understanding of the reason these challenges came into your life.

Developed by Dolores Cannon over several decades, quantum hypnosis involves inducing a trance like state known as the theta brain wave state. This allows you to access your subconscious and higher self, where these emotions and memories are stored. It is in this heightened state that you will recover and explore past life experiences as well as experience other possibilities such as parallel lives, future ones, lives on other planets or life between your current ones.

Your Higher Self will answer any questions you have, though many people find that their sessions are guided by a theme such as a certain time period or a specific situation they seem to encounter in the current life. The hypnotist will then help you relive and learn from this soul journey, providing you with healing on multiple levels.

QHHT is also referred to as past life regression and is considered one of the most powerful spiritual modalities available. It connects you with the wisdom of your Higher Self, helping you understand a karmic pattern and release emotionally heavy burdens.

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