Sports rehab is a specialist area of physical therapy that focuses on the mechanics and forces involved in specific athletic activities. This type of rehabilitation is geared toward getting athletes back to their sport in prime condition so that they can return to competing with the same or better performance than before.

Sports therapists who specialize in this area of physical therapy have completed an accredited three-year BSc Honours degree and have passed an independent national registration exam with the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators (BASRaT). They know the body inside and out and can provide a thorough examination to determine what is causing your injury. They then develop a treatment plan with the goal of resolving your pain and returning you to full functionality.

A large part of sports rehab involves a combination of stretching exercises, manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and overall athletic performance. It is designed to speed up the healing process and reduce future injuries.

Getting injured during your sport can be a major setback. But it doesn’t have to be the end of your career if you get professional help immediately.

Sports rehab can dramatically shorten the time on the sidelines and help you regain your strength, power and athleticism. It is an effective method of reducing the risk of future injuries. But it’s only as effective as you make it. Dedicated and consistent compliance with the rehabilitation program is the key to speeding up recovery. sports rehab

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