The best way to know when Apex Season 8 is going to be released is to keep an eye on the latest leaks. There are many rumors of the game’s new characters, weapons, and game modes. One of the most interesting rumor is about a character called the ‘Fetish’. Another interesting rumor is about the new Battle Pass.

Battle Pass

If you’ve played Apex Legends, you know that Seasons are a great way to earn cosmetic items and special rewards. They last for three months, and are usually packed with new cosmetics and limited time game modes. During a season, players can complete a series of challenges and level up. In return, they get a Battle Pass and a variety of unique items. Here’s a quick look at what’s in store for Season 8.

Aside from cosmetics, seasons in Apex Legends typically include new weapons and map changes. Occasionally, they feature weapon skins. For example, the game will release a new weapon, like a 30-30 Repeater, which will help you deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

The season pass will cost 950 Apex Coins. It will skip the first 25 levels, but will unlock more content than a standard Battle Pass. You’ll also get some free XP boosts, as well as new limited time game modes. However, you’ll need to finish them before the time runs out.

There are three legendary Battle Pass skins available. Two are exclusive to Lifeline, and one is available to any Legend. Additionally, a new Legend called Fuse is set to appear.

One of the other notable skins is the Radical Action Bangalore. This sexy skin is designed to look like a biker gang. It features bullets draped across her front.

Some of the other cosmetics include the Silver Specter Wraith and the Gilded Claw Bloodhound. Another skin is the Death Etching Revenant. Lastly, there are several rare skins.

As the battle pass comes with different rewards, it’s not difficult to see why many players are curious about what will be in store. Ultimately, it’s a matter of deciding whether or not to buy it.

While it’s still early to say, some of the cosmetics and cosmetic packs look intriguing. They’re not really fit into any major categories, but they may catch your eye.

Also, the game’s new legends look exciting. You can’t miss out on Mad Maggie! She’s an old friend of Fuse.


Apex Legends is a popular multiplayer battle royale game. The team at Respawn is continuing to release new content for players to enjoy. This includes new weapons, skins, and maps. Some of the upcoming updates include changes to the map, a new Battle Pass, and a new character.

One of the most notable new additions to Apex Legends is the 30-30 Repeater. This lever-action rifle is ideal for mid-range battles. It is best paired with a close-range weapon such as the R-99.

There are also new cosmetics available for Fuse. His Ringmaster makeup features a crimson and gold palette. In addition, his robotic arm gets some elaborate details.

Another item to look out for is a new ranked mode called “Emergence.” A melee-only fight ring will be added to the Apex Legends arena. Also, players will be able to earn 150 Heirloom Shards through a new Collection Event. These shards can be earned through the purchase of Apex Coins.

Although there are no exact dates for the start of Season 8 or the anniversary event, the latest leaks indicate the new season will go live on February 2. Considering the number of players, it’s likely that there will be more than 200,000 people taking to the field when the season finally kicks off.

One of the most interesting aspects of this new update is the addition of five new game modes. Each mode lasts a couple of days, and offer completely different experiences. They will all be worth looking into. Hopefully, the rest of the Apex Legends season will continue to add new content to the already packed experience.

Since the introduction of the 30-Messiah, it’s safe to say that Respawn has been releasing plenty of new content. So, it’s no surprise that the company is quickly approaching the conclusion of Season 8. And with all the new features, it’s no surprise that the numbers are climbing.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a subscription, you can still enjoy Apex on your PC or Xbox. However, if you want to take the next step, you can get the Apex Legends Mayhem Bundle. It costs $4.99, and will contain Fuse’s Ringmaster cosmetic along with 600 Apex Coins.

Game modes

As a battle royale game, Apex Legends offers players a range of options to customize their experience. The latest update from Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the next season of the game will include changes to the map, new Legends, and the introduction of a new game mode.

The Apex Legends Arena is a new mode that will allow players to play in three-player squads. This is a relatively new concept in battle royale games. Unlike traditional competitive games, the mode is not meant to be an event. It will be a permanent addition to the game.

The rumored Ultimate ability for a character named Fuse is also being teased. While the exact details are a little fuzzy, it’s safe to say that this character will have an impressive power set.

Other updates coming to the game include a rework of Kings Canyon. This will include the return of Olympus, plus some minor tweaks.

Another new feature is the “Gunsmith.” Fans are already creating concept videos showing off the new feature. This is similar to the new Call of Duty feature, but in Apex Legends.

Players will also have the opportunity to try the game’s “Second Chance” feature, which gives them another chance to respawn. In this mode, players who fall in a match instantly respawn.

One of the biggest surprises in Apex is the amount of different game modes available. Each is a relatively short duration and offers a completely different experience. Some, such as Ultra Zones, will add high-tier loot zones to healing Flash Point bubbles.

Adding a “surprising” game mode to the list is an indication that the developer is looking to provide even more variety. With the game’s two-year anniversary around the corner, it’s likely that we’ll see a few more features in the coming months.

If you want to find out more about the new features in the game, you can check out the official Apex Legends website. You can also take a look at screenshots of test server builds, which may show you the ins and outs of some of the features that are yet to be introduced.

Character rumor

Apex Season 8 will go live in two weeks, and a new character rumor is floating around. According to a reliable data miner, a new character named Fuse will be added to the game. He’s an Australian legend with a fascination for explosives. His ultimate ability, formerly called Firebomb, has now been revealed.

Currently, there is no artwork for Fuse. However, it’s likely that the character will have unique throwables. These will give players more opportunities for tactical situations.

Another interesting character is Mad Maggie. Previously, she was only a temporary announcer for events like the Chaos Theory and War Games. In the game, however, she will appear as a Legend. She will have an interesting throwing knife that has an incendiary effect.

A new teaser released by the game’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, gives a glimpse of what’s to come. This includes a new map. It also confirms the presence of Catalyst, a transgender legend. Unlike some of the other Legends in the game, Catalyst will have a unique ability.

Another source for the rumor is Redditor “DemonBuer.” On February 21, 2022, DemonBuer posted a leaked description of upcoming Legends. Some of the data mined files included a skydiving emote and an animation set.

Another data miner, Biast12, found some audio files that reveal the ability kit for Fuse. The kit includes a Metal Bomb, an Explosion, and a Firebomb. Interestingly, it’s possible that the ultimate ability will be a cannon launcher.

Although it’s unclear if Fuse will be the next Legend to join the Apex Legends roster, it’s definitely worth a look. If he’s confirmed, he’ll join a roster that already features a number of exciting characters.

Aside from Fuse, there are other rumors that have been floating around. It looks like the latest in the series may be Battlefied 6. It’s rumored that the setting will be Kazakhstan.

The game is available for PC and PS4. When Apex Season 8 goes live, there’s no reason why a new Legend won’t be added. With that said, it’s going to take some time before we see anything concrete.

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