Everybody wants cheap airline tickets but their biggest mistake is they always think that they need to book their tickets online in order to save the most money. The problem with booking your tickets online is that there is no way to get a better deal than what is actually on the website that you are looking, this might save the company some money and you some time but that is all it is doing.

What I suggest is not to skip the whole online booking process but instead modify what you do and make it work to your advantage. Something I strongly recommend is that you use the internet as a tool to help you get a better deal as opposed to only using it to get a decent deal. What most people don’t understand is the internet does not always have the best deals and the airlines are only using them to make more money, trust me, going directly to the airline might be your best choice.

The primary thing that you should do is get an idea as to what the airline tickets are going to cost you at first, in my experience the cheapest rates are always posted on the airlines website so that will probably the best place to start and look for the price of your ticket. Once you find the cheapest price you need to get all the information on that flight and then call the airline.

The entire reason for calling the airline is to ask them for a discount, the problem with booking online is there is never a person that talks to you and so you can’t ask for a discount that way. I am sure you have heard of people getting great deals on their tickets at the ticket counter, right? This is why you need to call, if you can talk to one of these people then the chances of you getting a great deal are much more likely.

If you want to get the cheapest airline ticket possible then you need to make sure you are talking to ticketing employees how have the ability to lower prices and give great deals. If you fly more than 6 times per year then I would recommend getting to know the people issuing tickets that way you can call them whenever you need to get a cheap ticket really quickly. Trust me, if you are really wanting to get cheap Trust me, Emirates Flight Booking

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