With cyber attacks continuing to increase in frequency and complexity, the question for organizations is not whether their infrastructure will be hacked or not, but when. This is why it’s so important to take a proactive approach to security by establishing a strong security posture and eliminating gaps in your current capabilities. Rather than spending resources to develop and maintain your own Security Operations Center (SOC), you can enlist the services of an MSSP to do the work for you and protect your digital assets.

MSSPs offer a wide range of monitoring and management solutions to secure your IT environment. They leverage multiple security data sources, including threat intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to assess your organization’s cybersecurity position. This provides you with the insights needed to improve your security position and eliminate gaps.

The cost of an MSSP is typically less than the cost of maintaining a full-time cybersecurity department. This is especially true for smaller companies that may not have the budget to support an entire IT team or operate a 24×7 SOC.

An MSSP also helps to reduce costs by alleviating alert fatigue. They can filter out false positives and only escalate what is impactful to your company, which frees up time for your IT team to address real threats that require attention. The size of your business, number of devices and users, and overall security posture are all key factors in determining MSSP rates. it managed security services

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