If you are starting a hair salon then obviously you’ll need some basic supplies. Unfortunately, hair salon supplies don’t come cheap, but without them, you don’t have a business. These are the nuts and bolts of the everyday operation, so that when the customers start coming in you are ready for them.

The list of hair salon supplies should be made when you are at the final stage of your plan. Get your list ready ahead of time, then seek out a wholesaler who can give you the best deal.

In this article, we shall take a look at some of the important supplies that you will need. And while some of this is pretty obvious, you’ll want to make sure you have it all written down so you don’t overlook anything.

Hair Processors/ Hair Steamers

This equipment is needed especially after head massages. They provide moisture to the head and hair. They are used after there has been some deep conditioning treatment to the hair or there has been some application of hair color or dye.

These steamers can be set to varying temperatures for a certain time limit. The variety of hair steamers is huge; there are different models and makes available. It is best to go with something that suits your budget.

Shampoo Bowls

This is a sink which comes handy during hair treatments. When you wash the hair,color it or condition it, it is likely to result in a lot of residue. The shampoo bowl helps to get rid of that extra material. All you need to do is make the customer sit with his/her back to the bowl. After you have placed the shampoo bowl in this position, you can start the procedure without any further fear of your salon getting dirty.

In fact, shampoo bowls are extremely handy because a pump peddle and a drain system come attached to them. The pump peddle can decrease or increase the height of the bowl and the drain system helps in drainage of the residue.

Hair Combs, Brushes

The right hairdressing combs and hair brushes can make or break your salon. There are so many types of brushes and combs available. Some of these are the tail end comb, wide toothed comb, square brush and round brush. Make sure you have something for every hair type you may encounter.

Hair Clippers and Scissors

Another obvious one, right? Hair scissors, hair clipper blades and hair clippers are must have items. But like combs and brushes there are many types available. Make a list of what you’ll need. And consult with your stylists to see what kind they like best.

Hair Styling Tools

These include the general kinds of hair tools like curlers, diffusers, blow dryers and hair straighteners. Put it all down on paper so when you order so don’t accidentally overlook anything. It would be pretty embarrassing if when doing the hair of your first client you all of a sudden notice you forgot to order the curlers. Cabinet médical mobilier

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