A portable water pump is an essential piece of equipment for many situations. It can be used to transfer water out of an area or into a tank, or to clean up after a flood. Using this type of pump can make the task much less daunting and save time. In addition, a portable water pump can be moved from place to place, which is great for emergency situations or when a situation requires a change of location.

One of the most common uses for this type of pump is flooding fields for duck hunting. This is one of the most productive ways to create a hotspot for ducks, and a water pump can quickly and easily get the job done. These pumps are also used to supply water to homes or businesses that may not have access to an electrical power source.

Consider the capacity and power of the pump when making your choice. The capacity is usually listed in gallons per minute and the power in horsepower (HP). The HP rating indicates how fast it will pump, while the flow rate indicates how much water it will move per minute. A higher number means more speed and a lower flow rate is slower but will move more volume.

Another consideration is how far the pump will move water. This is often referred to as the delivery head. Some pumps can only move water to a certain height, while others can reach up to 25 feet or more. If you require a high-head pump, check the performance chart of the pump before selecting it. portable water pump

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