Central heating systems are a large contributor to household energy use. Installers are involved in the selection, installation and explanation of these technologies in homes on a daily basis. This makes them potentially key influencers in the energy efficiency of these technologies and their subsequent energy consumption.

Several participants spoke of the importance of sharing experiences with other heating installers and of learning through discussion, examinations and industry publications. In particular, one participant described ‘the naughty pages’ of an industry magazine as a valuable resource, as it contained informal detailing of substandard work. This is indicative of a community of practice amongst heating installers that serves to reinforce good practices and improve the quality of installations.

In addition, many of those interviewed spoke of a desire for customers to be aware of the high levels of expertise that they and their colleagues possess. This may be partly motivated by the need to maintain a reputation as professionals that are able to deliver on their promises and prevent consumers from being taken advantage of by cowboys in the heating industry.

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