According to a report from Andriasang Yoichi Wada was quoted as saying “we’ll make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we’ve made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVII ” during a shareholder meeting. While that doesn’t sound discouraging he added, “If we were to release a 7 remake right now, the FF franchise would be done with” I couldn’t disagree more with this statement but the biggest concern in my opinion is the budget that would have to be added for a game as huge as Final Fantasy 7, he continued by saying “While the staff would happily make an FFVII remake, this is something that if they decided to do, they’d have to give it their full effort.”. By full effort they obviously mean with a large team that would take their time and dedication to perfect the remake, which again always falls back to money.

In Comes Yasuke Matsuda, the new president of Square Enix, he has made a lot of promises. Could he be the guy to actually give the fans what they want? Yoichi Wada certainly did not.

After Yoichi Wada stepped down fans once again entered the prospect of a remake happening yet again to help Square Enix regain profit after losing out yet again in gaining profit for the quarter. Mr. Yosuke Matsuda served as Corporate Officer of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. Mr. Matsuda has been Representative Director of Square Enix Holdings since March 18, 2013 and served as its Director. Yosuke Matsuda was asked about the possibility of a Final Fantasy 7 remake and decided not to comment on it, this is neither bad or good news. Recently however, Square Enix announced a “big” Final Fantasy game in the works for the PlayStation 4, the word “big” was quoted for whatever reason and all we can do now is speculate on what it is. A tweet followed several days later. The tweet can be shown below and the buzz in Japan is that the game indeed is Final Fantasy 7. No official word from Square Enix but I expect the remake to appear in the next generation console regardless. What do you think is the “big” new game in development Final Fantasy 7? playstation 5 games

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