The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid home and handheld console that allows gamers to play on the unit itself, or on the screen of its TV dock. Players can also detach the two edge controller portions of the console, called Joy-Cons, and use them as individual gamepads if they prefer to play away from the TV. The Switch offers a unique gaming experience that has brought families back to Nintendo in droves.

When it was first unveiled in 2017, the Switch faced a lot of scrutiny compared to other consoles. People wanted to see whether or not the console would work, if it could bridge the gap between home and portable gaming, and if it would have a robust library of games that were compatible with the system. It’s been a while since the console’s launch, and after a 2019 revision, we’re happy to report that it continues to work well and is an excellent choice for home and mobile gaming.

There are several ways to buy a Nintendo Switch, including online. The console itself starts at $300, and there’s a variety of game bundles that can make the purchase even more affordable. The system is also compatible with downloadable games, so you don’t necessarily need to purchase a physical copy of any particular game in order to play it.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the Switch doesn’t have as many third-party exclusive titles. However, it does boast a large selection of indie games that are only available on the platform. This includes pixelated classics like Celeste, a super-tight 2D sidescroller that’s paired with an uplifting story about dealing with mental health issues.

The Nintendo Switch also has a selection of games that are exclusive to the system, such as all of the Pokemon games, the Tetris 99 multiplayer title, Yoshi’s Crafted World, and the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. The console can also play a selection of older games from Nintendo and other companies through its online Nintendo eShop service, which requires a paid subscription.

If you want to play your games on the go, a Nintendo Switch is the best choice of handheld consoles that we’ve seen in recent years. It’s lighter and more compact than the PS4 or Xbox One, but still offers the same level of gameplay as both in handheld mode. The Joy-Cons can also be detached and used as separate gamepads, which makes the system even more flexible.

A family plan for the Nintendo Switch is available for a small fee, and it allows gamers to share a subscription with up to eight other people. This is a great way to get more bang for your buck, especially if you have multiple children that want to play the system’s games. The family plan is currently priced at $5.00 per year, which works out to less than $2.00 a month for each member of the family. This is significantly cheaper than the PlayStation Plus or Xbox One’s yearly subscription rates. Nintendo Switch

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