Ahhhh, the great outdoors. Clean air, sounds of nature, camp fire stories, the morning dew… and your trusty air mattress? I guess were getting a little soft any more. It’s hard to find a true pioneer these days, but if we are to bring a little luxury while camping, the propane stove and inflatable air mattress would be the most popular. Much more then that and you start taking away from the sport of it.

So the camping air mattresses have evolved and become quite reliable and common. Here I would like to cover a few brands. Coleman is almost synonymous with camping, but among the few dozen diehard campers I spoke with, Coleman was at the bottom of the list. Granted that Coleman makes many great camping supplies, this is not one of them. Over and over again I find a later and greater version.

One recommendation was the Thermarest Pad. They are not an inflatable air mattress per say, but one would not need to worry about puncturing it. They have a 2 inch version and a 1 ½ inch version. They also provide a camping and hunting series. The bulk of this pad would need to be considered if you were to do any backpacking.

Comfortaire and Ozark Trail make a more advanced model. It is inflatable with comfort controls for each side. For those that have purchased these, there were no complaints for the 3 or more years that they were used. People start to get pampered here with the plush pillows and soft, luxurious surfaces, and a firm amount of support. They are more like a self inflating “sleep number bed”.

Among the responses I received, The Loungair inflatable air mattress was about the most deaconate. Not only is it an air mattress, but it also transform into a chair, a lounger and a recliner. So instead of having to lug a bunch of stuff around, you have one products that can be carried in a travel bag and inflates instantly. When camping, you can also use is at the beach for sun bathing – or even in the water as a float.

My many years as a Boy Scout dad, has allowed me to learn and share many aspects of camping. I have put this and many other ‘need to know’ out doors activities together here in one spot for easy access.

My son has been in Boy Scouts for 4 years now and he is working on his Star Ranking. I have been adopted as an assistant and have enjoyed just about every camp out they have gone on. I’ve learned a lot from those little guys, and must say that I look forward to these monthly outings each and every time. Rain or shine, winter or summer. allstate customer service

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